Brodburger (Canberra)

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Shameless burgers

by Nicola

For a long time burgers were the staple of the hung over (or still inebriated). It’s safe to say most people at some point have almost inhaled mouthfuls of ‘meat’ and carbs in a misguided and sometimes regretful attempt to restore their bodies to the pre-alcohol equilibrium.

Despite its low-brow history, in recent years the burger has undergone some kind of renaissance with a new wave of restaurants clamouring to offer fresher, tastier and more exotic options. One of my personal favourites is Canberra’s iconic lakeside destination, Brodburger.

Originally conceived in a gypsy caravan in nearby Bowen Park, the owners recently expanded operations to a pavilion attached to the Canberra Glassworks. It’s not hard to find, just join the inevitable queue of people and you’ll find the counter eventually. When you’re at the pivotal point of ordering, just remember that you can’t go too wrong with anything – assorted lean meat, cheese and salad fillings, cooked to order.  Perfect for the sober and slurring alike.

View:; Visit: Canberra Glassworks, 11 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston ACT 2603; Call: +61 2 6162 0793Open: Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (Tues- Sat) Dinner: 5.30pm – Late (Tues-Sat) Sun Lunch: 12.00pm-4.00pm. Coffee/cakes from 10am; Wallet: Burgers start from $12.50


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