A guilty secret – Carraway Pier (Brisbane)

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Kevin Grove, Brisbane – Now, I work in the Kelvin Grove Urban Village and this usually means that outside of normal business hours, I avoid the whole suburb of Kelvin Grove as if my life depended on it.  Recently this admittedly childish modus operandi has become problematic, due in part to the farmer’s markets which shuts down a few streets within the Village each week and sells delicious iced tea, goat pies and giant lamingtons, but more so because of my recent hankering for fish and chips pronto, right now, immediately or else.  Carraway Pier, the seriously good fish-and-chips-and-burgers shop around the corner from Woolworths services my craving beautifully.

Up there with A Salt and Battery, St Lucia (another university-neighbouring seafood joint surely cannot be a Carraway - vermicelli half-eaten!coincidence?) Carraway Pier does  a variety of fish crumbed, battered or grilled, along with some of the best chips available (not too fat, not thin, crunchy but soft, so flavoursome there’s no need for sauce), salads, Turkish-bread sandwiches, milkshakes and the kinds of burgers one eyes with awed fear while wondering how exactly to eat it.  A very welcome recent addition is their Vietnamese vermicelli salad with lemongrass beef and/or mini spring rolls and/or pork sausage.  The burgers are so good that often, a visit for fish and chips ends with an empty burger plate and a satisfied Janine.

My colleagues and I have been known to visit Carraway Pier multiple times in a week but when I confessed my recent, outside-work-hours dalliance, I was shocked and heartened to learn that I’m not the only one.  It’s clearly time to come clean and proudly declare Carraway Pier as my first choice for fish and chips in Brisbane.

View: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carraway-Pier;Visit: Carraway Street, Kelvin Grove Urban Village; Call: +617 3839 7698; Open: Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm and Saturday 11am – 8pm; Wallet:  $6 – $17.


Carraway Pier

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