You’ll Definitely Get Lei’d (Melbourne)

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The LuWow – by Jayde!

Melbourne does quirk really, really well. There’s no shortage of themed bars very coolly rocking a gimmick in M-Town or, at the very least, some kick-ass weird-o décor, from the hetero-camp of The Carlton Hotel in Bourke St (stuffed animals, velvet seating and red-flecked EVERYTHING) to the retro rockabilly chic of Fitzroy’s The LuWow. [Read more…]

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Bang! More than terrifying heavy metal (Melbourne)

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By Elise!

Every Saturday at the Royal Melbourne Hotel on Bourke Street, you can find a group of around 60% heavy metal fans and 40% Banggenerally keen party goers queuing up to go to Bang! The lines are certainly long, but if you don’t mind waiting somewhere in the region of an hour to get your foot in the door, then Bang! is a great place to head on a Saturday night in Melbourne.

The main room at Bang! caters to the metal loving crowd. If you are one of them, then you’ve probably found the best possible club for you, as it features live bands and some very scary music, which I assume is your thing. Drinks prices run fairly standard at Bang; with mixed drinks landing somewhere between $7 and $15, and shots between $5 and 10, however like the line outside, service can take a while.

If, like me, the metal music strikes fear into your heart, then you can head upstairs to find a large dance floor and additional bar, where the music is more “let’s party all night” than it is “let’s party all night and then scream at our mothers”. This area is much smaller than the downstairs area; however it plays plenty of modern club music, plus some throwback 90’s jams, which is always a good thing.

Sadly, it is a fact that Saturday night will always be expensive, however if you’re looking for somewhere where your night out is likely to be worth your coin, and features a large variety of music, then I highly recommend Bang! on Bourke.

View:; Visit: 629 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000; Call: +61 3 9629 2400; Open: Saturday 9:00 pm – 6:00 am Wallet: Standard.


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