ANDDDD…they’re off and racing – Eagle Farm Markets (Brisbane)

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Eagle Farm, Brisbane… Andddd, they’re off and racing to get in the front gates. The people, not the horses (they’re Saturday). This market always draws a crowd each Sunday, so I know that if you want to minimise the jostling action and get ahead of the field, your best bet is to aim for a 8ish start while the pram-goers are still trying to organise the troops at home.

Once you’re in, you’ll be charmed by all the sights, sounds and smells. They seem to constantly expanded their food stall offering, ensuring the League of Nations is well-represented. Not only are there dumplings, potato rostis and real Italian salami sausages but a huge assortment of other home-made and made-on-site goodies. The popcorn man wears a fair dinkum welding hat while popping his buttery corn, while the juicer lady nearby throws her oranges down the shoot and the waffle wielding duo whack up some hot floury goodness. It’s all a fun show with a tasty finale!

This market is spread out, amongst the front lawn area, through the main historic hall and out the back by the deck, which overlooks the racecourse. Sitting on the grandstand is the ideal place to take a load off, enjoy a feed and take in the expanse of the racing track. The extra fun element is the live music, usually an acoustic guitarist and singer or two.

But there’s even more good times to be had with the slight touch of carnie fever peppering this market. The youngins’ can ride a real galloper (pony-sized) and also be entertained by Mr. Colourful Clown.

Come one, come all, the carnival is at the track. Whatever you do, don’t scratch this one from your weekend to-do list!

View:; F: EagleFarmMarkets; T: @EagleFarmMarket;  Visit: end of Racecourse Rd, Ascot; Call: +61 3915 4200; Open: 7am – 12:30pm every Sunday; Wallet: $2 entry.

Eagle Farm Markets

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