Escape the heat this Australia Day (Brisbane)

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Amandaby Amanda!

Given how hot it has been everywhere over the past few weeks my thoughts for Australia Day are all based on my ability to access aircon. It may seem un-Australian of me – I guess in theory I should be sitting under a tarp in someone’s back yard sweating into my pants next to some charred sausages – however I say “NO” to that!  I also find I have a tendency to seek out foods from lots of different countries to celebrate Australia Day – last year it was all very Vietnamese themed! So here we go – tips for the day which can all be consumed in either my air-con at home or other air-conditioned locations!!

  • Brekky – Head down to Crust and Co Artisan Bakery and snatch up some tasty French delights to be enjoyed on the couch at 22degrees!
  • Morning tea – A quick little nip into Emporium in the car to grab some scrummy cupcakes from Poppy Cakes. No doubt they will create some wondrous Australia Day themed cake (hmmm lamington style maybe?). Surely a visit here counts as somewhat multi cultural? They say they’re “New York Styled Cupcakes”?!
  • Lunch – Track down a delicious cold salad from the Corner Store Café. They do have some indoor seating which escapes the heat and for those of you who luxuriate in it like lizards they do have covered outdoor seating with good fans and a pretty decent breeze!
  • Dinner – well really it has to be My Thai! Pop in there and grab yourself some crunchy money bags, their delicious massaman beef and chicken cashew! Hmmm perfect!
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