Eurotrash – More like Eurotreasure! (Zinggg)

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By Elise!

 When I first heard a friend of mine say that she had been to a club where entry cost only $5 I was positive she was suffering from episodes of delirium. Since then, I have come to either a) suffer from the same kind of delirium as my friend, or b) discovered a truly excellent club, where entry is in fact only $5.

Eurotrash, located in Melbourne’s Chinatown area, may be nestled in a somewhat scary laneway, but what it lacks in location it more than makes up for in hip-pocket appeal! I may have already mentioned its $5 entry (I’m extremely into it); however the drink prices at Eurotrash definitely deserve their share of recognition. Most standard drinks come in at $5, as does a shots of spirits, while a mixed shot can cost you as little as $3! It is not an uncommon thing to see coins being exchanged over the bar rather than notes or credit cards. It is extremely satisfying to know that while elsewhere people are handing over $20 just to get in the door or a club, at Eurotrash you can virtually pay for your entire night using little more than the change at the bottom of your bag.

As an added bonus, if you head to Eurotrash on a Tuesday night you may be able to spot the famed “lone dancer” (he is hard to miss). We know not who is, nor where he came from; he is but a humble God of dance who requires neither partner nor recognition. It’s about time that someone wrote about him on the internet though, because he is awesome. 

View:; Visit:18 Corrs Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000; Call: 03 9654 4411; Open: Tuesday 7pm – 3am, Wednesday 7:30pm – 11pm, Friday 5pm – 3am, Saturday 7pm – 3am; Wallet: Rendered all but unnecessary.



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