Meet Pauline (Melbourne)

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In a city as glamorous as Melbourne, it’s only fitting that we have an Usher as glamorous in Pauline! In this Meet the Ushers series, Pauline reveals her top tips for the Victoria capital:

Why Melbourne? “It is a city that rewards the curious, and curious I am! Melbourne is easy to get around, the people are beautifully grounded, the food and cultural scenes are ever-evolving, and you never feel like you’ve seen it all.”

Fav oz city other than Melbourne “Sydney – the gorgeous harbour, the beaches, it has the wow factor.”

Cities I’ve lived in: “Brisbane, London, New York & Melbourne.”

Most bizarre job:  “In my final year of uni I worked part-time for one of the big oil companies. They had me phoning up farmers all around Australia to tell them the tanks on their property weren’t up to scratch and we would no longer be delivering to them.  These farmers relied on their weekly fuel delivery for all of their machinery, to run their whole operation, and here I was, the part-time uni student, delivering the shattering news.”

Must dos in Melbourne: “Get amongst the fit bunnies for an early morning jog around The Tan – it’s a Melbourne institution! Enjoy a European-inspired meal, like dinner at bustling Jim’s Greek Tavern, or delightful Italian at cosy Thirty Eight Chairs.” 

Describe your Ushering style: I won’t Usher the latest openings just because they’re the latest openings.  I’ll tell you about the absolute standouts I’ve discovered; places you can rely on to experience Melbourne’s unique flair just like the locals do.”

Go where Pauline goes! 

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