Adj (Melbourne)

Screenshot_2013-04-08-18-50-13-1_resizedPeople describe me as “globetrotter chic.” They don’t, but hopefully if I keep going on about it, they’ll start. I do always pause when asked where I’m from – the simple answer is “All over!” I hail from London most recently but I grew up with one foot in West Africa and the other in the UK. I moved Down Under three years ago seeking adventure and hot surfers.

When I was choosing my new city, I pretty much did that thing where you close your eyes, spin the globe and point. I couldn’t have been luckier because I picked Melbourne and quickly fell crazy in love with it.

It’s a big city with a small-town feel and a funky vibe. More cafes and bars than you can shake a stick at, hip restaurants hidden down cobbled laneways… and most importantly they don’t play when it comes to brunch! So help me I do love a spot of brunch – and I’m in the right place for anyone who loves good food. I’m also quite partial to brightly coloured drinks and thumping tunes. So whether I’m brunching my face off or cutting shapes on the dance floor, I can always be found out and about!

I’m thrilled to be writing for Urban Usher Melbourne because I know what it’s like to be an excited but overwhelmed visitor. I’m looking forward to sharing my tips and making sure everyone enjoys this city as much as I have.

Adwoa (Adj) xo

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