Amanda (Brisbane)

AmandaI am 32 years old (eek) and live with my husband, in leafy Ashgrove.  I am constantly searching for what I feel to be a legitimate hobby, however I fear I must accept that my hobby is, in fact, eating.

People often refer to Brisbane as a “big country town” and having spent the first nine years of my life in an actual big country town, I can say confidently that Brisbane is way better than that rating. I suspect what people are trying to convey with this title is the fact that Brisbane is laid back, relaxed and all round a bit more friendly than our southern neighbours. Score 1.

Certainly over the past few years, I have noticed an explosion of the café and fine dining culture in Brisbane and I LOVE IT! I won’t lie to you, my favourite meal is breakfast, so expect lots of reviews in that corner.  I do however, love exploring anything new, so stay tuned!


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