Belinda (Melbourne)

Belinda DonaldAfter some (not so) brief flirtations with Brisbane, Sydney, Paris and London, I decided to rediscover my birthplace and settle back in Melbourne in 2012. Mainly because it’s the Australian city with the most London vibe of all, sans annoying visa requirements.

I love discovering new places and other cultures, correct spelling and grammar, taking awesome photos, white wine and calling people dude, to name just a few things…I also have a thing for brunch. Oh how I love you so, not-quite-brekky, not-quite-lunch.

When I’m not working the dream job in brand strategy, I’m out and about learning random stuff (from Philosophy to how to dance Michael Jackson’s Thriller), exploring local markets or knocking local funky cafes and unusual bars off my to-explore list. Along with the endless Melbourne festivals going around, there’s never a shortage of things to do here that will pack a sensorial punch!

My favourite Melburnian discovery so far would have to be the plethora of rooftop bars on which to enjoy a breezy summer beverage, so I’m looking forward to sharing these and other discoveries with you!


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