Brisbane Ushers


With the climate so suited to enjoying a meal in the open air, it’s no wonder that I join millions of Queenslander’s in their favourite dining experience of being outside. Anywhere. From our deck at home, to fish ‘n chips in the park, to casual street dining at a café and of course to a steak at the local pub’s beer garden. I enjoy the no-fuss casual meal, but just as comfortable in a high-end establishment where premium service is expected…” Go where Bec goes!



“People often refer to Brisbane as a “big country town” and having spent the first nine years of my life in an actual big country town, I can say confidently that Brisbane is way better than that rating. I suspect what people are trying to convey with this title is the fact that Brisbane is laid back, relaxed and all round a bit more friendly than our southern neighbours…” Go where Amanda goes!



“Brisbane is the river city and it’s a force to be reckoned with, as we’ve seen from the flood disasters. But this powerful force of nature also brings a peace and tranquility to the city. I think it’s this presence that makes Brisbane one of the most easy-going, friendly and liveable cities…” Go where Haley goes!




“I love exploring and am always on the hunt for something new, something a bit different. While I love a good restaurant or bar, the places I keep going back to are the ones with personality, so if you following my ushering tips, that’s the sort of places you’ll find…” Go where Dave goes!




“My name is Janine and I’m almost a foodie, but for a small and irritating issue with cooking which I can’t seem to get around: namely, I cannot do it.  Alas, the recent explosion in dining and café culture in the city and its surrounds has come to my rescue and as a lifelong Brisbanite I’m determined to make the most of it. Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal, along with dinner and lunch and snacks for snacking’s sake…” Go where Janine goes!


Di_ CopyDi

“Now I’m semi-retired from the field of Education, I no longer have to waste time commuting to the city to work and can enjoy my life in the inner western suburbs of Brisbane! When I am not gainfully employed (as an editor of academic papers) I love to meet friends for coffee, brunch and lunch and we try to go to different suburban places that would probably be off the beaten tourist track for visitors to this lovely city…” Go where Di goes!