Elise (Melbourne)

EliseWhen I was a child I once cried for two full days because Arnott’s made their packets of Tiny Teddy biscuits marginally smaller. Now that I’m an adult, I’d like to think I’ve surpassed this level of desperation, but I’m still into food in a big way… just not that big.

One of my favourite things about Melbourne is that whether you’re able to shell out $45 for a main, or if you’ve only got $10 to cover your entire meal, you can usually find something pretty fantastic. I’ve taken it upon myself to stalk my city (not in a weird way) for the cheapest quality meals, drinks and coffees that it has to offer and so far it hasn’t disappointed me.

Additionally, I have a sneaky personal agenda in being an usher; making the all day breakfast 100% universal. I firmly believe that if we were all able to eat bacon and eggs on toast at 3:00 pm whenever we wanted, there would be no war. Look it up. It’s science.


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