Emma (Adelaide)

more than churches profile photoAdelaide, South Australia born and raised, I claim to be more ‘Adelaide’ than the Malls Balls, I’m yet to provide any scientific proof for this bold statement but I’ll keep you posted! I’m a 26 year old lass and am currently in my final year of Law School.  When I’m not spending time with legislation and case law, I love to indulge in my favourite hobby… eating. Eating can be a hobby right?

I take photos for the joy of it, I eat out much too often and I love to explore this beautiful city we are lucky to call ‘home.’ I’m talking dining out, drinking into the wee hours and Sunday fundays filled with excursions to the markets, sweet new brunch spots and day trips!

I love me a bit o’ Facebook, I Tweet from time to time and I also Instagram like a boss.

Want to see a little more of my written word? Check out my blog More than Churches.

If you’re on the search for a little bit of Adelaide Love Inspo, then you’ve come to the right girl. I’m the pride in South Australia peeps!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.


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