Haley Williams (Brisbane)

Hayley 2Brisbane is the river city and it’s a force to be reckoned with, as we’ve seen from the flood disasters. But this powerful force of nature also brings a peace and tranquility to the city. I think it’s this presence that makes Brisbane one of the most easy-going, friendly and liveable cities.

I’m a mother to two small children so dining out is a rare treat. But the weekend breakfast is a ritual for us. We’re usually up before dawn so there’s plenty of time to get out for an early brekkie. I’m excited to be writing for Urban Usher; after all, who doesn’t want a good excuse to eat out!

I’m passionate about tea, wine and healthy vegetarian foods. I’m no longer a strict vegetarian but I love the Mediterranean diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also follow the Max Brenner philosophy – chocolate is good for you! My dream ambition is to one day publish my own cookbook.

Haley is a freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger and aspiring novelist – but first and foremost she’s a mother to two young children. She writes for a variety of high-profile magazines, including Madison, Good Health, Practical Parenting, My Child & Oxygen. She’s also worked as an advertising copywriter and technical writer producing publications and marketing literature for an international nutrition company on topics covering health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

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