Lauren (Perth)



I’m London born and UK bred. But Perth is my real home, and has been for 4 years and counting. I love it here. I love the big skies, the warm weather and the little pockets of awesomeness that are everywhere in WA.

Perth is one of the last remaining isolated places on the planet. It is in a vacuum in terms of everything. We Perthians have to entertain ourselves and this has enabled our city to become a real hub in terms of creativity. The only problem is we are subtle. Our creativity and cool places are well-guarded secrets. You have to be ‘in the know’ to well… know. Hence the need for Urban Usher here in Perth.

And so on to me, well as a reformed FOMOuter, I love exploring new places and trying out new things. I can often be found doing yoga and I am always on the search for the very best place to have coffee and cake in any given area.

I thrive in being busy and so while I’m in my final year studying graphic design, I’ve launched my own marketing, graphic design and copywriting company check it out:”


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