Nicola (Canberra & Sydney)

Nicola_UULong-time visitor to Sydney, first time resident.

Originally from Brisbane, I packed up my life and shifted down here to Sydney in September 2012 for work.

The combination of living just off the bright cafe lights of Glebe Point Rd and having a shoebox for a kitchen means that I’ve fully embraced the food scene. But honestly, I’ve never needed any incentive to embrace eating and drinking. I guess I’m just remarkably adaptable 😉

Every second or third weekend I travel to our glorious capital, Canberra, to visit my boyfriend, which gives me the opportunity to suss out the good eating and drinking spots under the guise of spending time with my beloved.

Besides grazing sessions, I enjoy bad cult movies (think The Room, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon etc.), duck ponds and long, pointless walks.


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