SJ (Sydney)

SJ - CreekI moved to Sydney from London in March 2012 for a healthier lifestyle and because I adore the city with its vibrancy and stunning coastline. When choosing where I eat or drink it is essential to me that places offer organic produce and / or are ethical. Organic and ethical usually go hand in hand but I’ll consider a place if it is passionate about people and the planet, yet can’t claim full organic status. I’m always on the hunt for great decaf coffee and amazing superfood.

I managed to pick up a gluten and dairy intolerance in London so have to be careful that there are food options for me. I love food so being fussy is hard for me as I want to sample EVERYTHING. I know quite a bit about nutrition these days however and understand that sugar and gluten are incredibly bad for the body and studies show they actually make you age faster. Horrifying fact as we all want to stay fit and healthy forever!

Food experts I admire are David Woolf, Truth Calkins, Don Tolman, Donna Gates and Dr Dave Woynarowski. These guys really get nutrition and have really helped me to understand what I should be eating at home. So, if you’re in Sydney as a newbie and are overwhelmed by the prospect of living on junk, or even want to start taking better care of your body, I hope you’ll love my tips.


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