Meet Melbourne Local Rosie

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We catch up with fashionista, girl-about-town and Melbourne Usher Rosie and chat about her fashion blog, why she loves her home town and the perfect way to spend one day in Melbourne. Meet Rosie:

Melbourne is the best city because… we have the best food and fashion and coffee in Oz. OK I may be biased but I do think we’re totally spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and cafes. Plus, have you stood on the banks of the Yarra at night and taken in the gorgeous views of the city skyline all lit up? Simply magnificent!

As well as sharing your local secrets on Urban Usher, you’re a bit of local fashionista celeb in Melbourne… well if you say so! *flips hair back* I love fashion and beauty and you can find all my ramblings over at I also manage to screw up some recipes in my attempt to be a domestic goddess. I think I’ll leave that to the professionals and go out and eat at the numerous awesome restaurants around Melbourne.

Melbourne’s weather is (in)famous! What’s your top tip for dressing in Melbourne… Layering is the key! Also a fabulous coat that you can rip off when you’re in the comforts of the indoors, only to reveal an amazing ensemble underneath! You also need to carry a pair of gloves, an umbrella and sunglasses wherever you go; I’ve been known to use them all in the one day.

If I only had 1 day in Melbourne, what should I do… Start the day by grabbing a coffee at My Legendary Girlfriend and while you’re there take a stroll around the Botanical Gardens (The Tan) track. Then hop on a tram and head to Carlton’s Lygon Street and indulge in a yummy brunch down at Tiamo. Then get back on the tram and back into the CBD where you must hit the shops at the Emporium and a coffee at Grasshoppers’s Feast! Finally end your day having a cocktail at the Rooftop Bar (on Swanston St) or and eating some delicious (yet dirty) dumplings at Dumplings Plus across the street.

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