A secret beach – Milk Beach (Sydney)

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Vaucluse, Sydney – When I was taken to Milk Beach I spent the first 5 minutes in a state of shock – how could this undiscovered stunning paradise be right in the middle of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and only a few minutes away from Bondi? Then I spent the next 5 minutes transfixed by its beauty and by the incredible harbour views.

If you really want to milk how much you like getting away from the beaten track then come to Milk beach. To get to there you actually have to pass through the grounds of Strickland House, a historical landmark from the late 1800s which used to be the house of the first mayor of Sydney. The house is stunning, its grounds verdant, and they border with Milk Beach.

The beach is a small, white-sand enclave on the fringes of Sydney Harbor National Park. The water is aqua.

A 20 minutes walk down a bush path connects this beach with another excellent beach called Shark beach in the Sydney Harbor National park (much bigger and busier beach – but still stunning).

Both beaches are definitely worth the walk. Check them out and then thank me later!

Visit: Strickland house is 52 Vaucluse Rd, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030; Wallet: Free; Tip: Parking is a nightmare so grab bus 325 and ask the driver to drop you near Strickland House.

Milk Beach

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Milk Beach -33.856044, 151.267107 View Milk Beach\'s review
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