No politics or cocaine shufflin’ here – Pablo (Brisbane)

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Pablo by Bec!

Type in Pablo into your favourite Internet browser and up pops Mr Pablo Escobar. Notorious one time politician, Columbian cocaine lord made good. Good riddance to that scum bag and good thing his antics haven’t rubbed off on this friendly New Farm eatery named Pablo.

Investigation reveals Pablo is a wide-spread South American name, not exclusive to Columbia, so it’s no surprise then that beans, coriander and Mexican Quesadillas get a good menu mention, along with the best and freshest mango and tomato salsa to ever hit my mouth. Certainly sufficient ‘south of the border’ eats to retain the South American namesake. Pablo salsa - Bec

The salsa features on the ‘seasoned’ avocado (does any café seriously serve spreaded avo without salt and pepper mixed in? Maybe Primal Pantry) sourdough toast which has a piece of grilled haloumi on top and a squeeze of lemon #amazing (can’t resist a hashtag these days). Unbelievable stuff – it’s what keeps me going back. As hard as it was, I have ventured out on one occasion to try the smashed peas with zucchini and mint, lemon ricotta and pan-fried chorizo, with…. some haloumi. Quite delicious and definitely gives the previous top-runner a good run for its money.

Put Pablo @ the top of your New Farm list. Escobar wouldn’t approve, but, leave the coke at home.

View:; Contact: 3254 4900; Visit: 893 Brunswick St, New Farm; Open: 7 days 7am – 3pm; Wallet: Seasoned avocado sourdough with salsa $14; Smashed peas with zucchini and mint $16.


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