Red Robin Supper Club (Brisbane)

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by Amanda!

Red Robin is a bit of a unique experience. For those of you who aren’t aware, a supper club is essentially a pop-up restaurant for chefs who are trying to make it in the industry but don’t yet have their own premises. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter and find out where they will next be serving up an exciting menu.

Most recently, Red Robin popped up at Southside Tea Room in Morningside. This is a café that’s usually open until lunch who kindly loaned their facilities to chef, Rory Doyle. We arrived early (as this was a no booking event – not all are like that) to a very hip crowd and an absolutely packed café – it was beer and burger night!

The beers were predominantly limited edition local brews which were exciting and interesting and the burgers – mmmmm the burgers. Chock full of yummy and clearly really good quality ingredients – especially the beef. There was of course a vegetarian option, which even the carnivore in me had to admit looked pretty darn tasty. People often like to joke that Brisbane is a bit behind the times, but I can say with full confidence that the Red Robin experience is like something you would experience in hip Williamsburg, NYC.  Don your cons, roll up your jeans and get your hipster on people!

View:; Twitter: @redrobinSC; Visit: Location varies, follow their events page on Facebook; Open: times vary according to location / event; Wallet: The burgers were $12.50! Prices will vary depending on the event.

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