Sydney Ushers

Dani Gleeson

 Meet Dani

“I’m a Bris Vegas girl originally who is new(ish) to the Sydney Town playground. I recently moved here so I could live close to the beach (i.e. Bondi), work in my dream job at an advertising agency and explore a big city, which is brimming with lots of amazing restaurants, cafes and bars…” Check out where Dani goes!



Piero (Sydney)Meet Piero 

“Ciao! I come from an island on the other side of the planet: Sardinia (Italy)! I first came to Australia on a holiday in 2000 and fell in love with the country and particularly Sydney! It was the city that had it all: beautiful people, a beautiful harbour, beautiful weather and beautiful beaches…” Check out where Piero goes!



RhylMeet Rhyl

“I’ve lived in Sydney for over 10 years and more than 2 years ago swapped the bright lights of the eastern suburbs for the northern beaches. When I first started hanging out here around 6 years ago (I met a local boy) there were really only two places to go: the Steyne, and the front bar of the Steyne…” Check out where Rhyl goes!


Rachel (Sydney)Meet Rachel

“Hailing from the pumping metropolis that is Wellington, NZ, I have spent the last 7 years living in Sydney. Having previously lived in Osaka and London I was pleasantly surprised when arriving in Sydney at the high-quality of cafes and restaurants.” Check out where Rachel goes! 



SJ - Creek

Meet SJ

“I moved to Sydney from London in March 2012 for a healthier lifestyle and because I adore the city with its vibrancy and stunning coastline. When choosing where I eat or drink it is essential to me that places offer organic produce and / or are ethical…” Check out where SJ goes!



DaveMeet Dave

“A Brisbane boy originally, I moved to Sydney three years ago after living in Europe and backpacking the globe for a few years. I love exploring and am always on the hunt for something new, something a bit different. While I love a good restaurant or bar, the places I keep going back to are the ones with personality, so if you following my ushering tips, that’s the sort of places you’ll find…” Check out where Dave goes!


Nicola_UUMeet Nicola 

“Originally from Brisbane, I packed up my life and shifted down here to Sydney in September 2012 for work. The combination of living just off the bright cafe lights of Glebe Point Rd and having a shoebox for a kitchen means that I’ve fully embraced the food scene. But honestly, I’ve never needed any incentive to embrace eating and drinking. I guess I’m just remarkably adaptable ;-)” Go where Nicola goes!


Maria - Sydney

Meet Maria!  

“Hi everyone, my name is Maria and I was born in India and bred in Australia! I do feel lucky to have the perfect blend of East meets West in my culture, and the food I choose usually reflects this…” Check out where Maria goes!





“A born and bred Sydney girl, after studying and working overseas I returned to call the inner west home, living in Newtown and Enmore, and now getting about in Redfern/Alexandria. I love the ever-changing and diverse nature of this area, there is always somewhere new to try…” Go where Brenna goes!  



BecSYDbioshotMeet Bec!

“Sydney is home to the most exciting, enticing and energising culinary experiences. Even a basic sandwich is dressed to the nines.

This great city is blessed to have such a rich multi-cultural influence, thanks to the some 42% born overseas, who bring with them their home-town recipes which are often fused and molded to suit the open-minded and experiential taste buds of locals…” Go where Bec goes!