The Loose Caboose Café – West Side Story (Adelaide)

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Hindmarsh, Adelaide – The Loose Caboose Café is a chompery which is riiiiiiiight on the money honey. Firstly the décor is bright, fresh and eclectic with an undeniable scent of hipster wafting in through the doors of the trains which whoosh by. Did I mention it’s right on the Bowden Train Station? The large windows and outside deck provide a cheerful and open feel, perfect for a hungover Sunday where you need a pleasant place to nosh with the sunshine beaming in… reminding you that it’s not the end of the world that you called your ex bf 4 times in a row at 4.00am. FYI not a good look!

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Indian food fit for a king (Adelaide)

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Royal Tandoori – by Emma!

Royal Tandoori on Unley Road is cheap. As cheap as a date who doesn’t offer to pay for your coffee. This place is perfect for a Sunday night hangover cure when you look inside your bag and say ‘please let there be money in here’ only to discover that yes, you did buy that last round of shots and no, you didn’t leave with any money-slash-dignity.

Step 1: Scrape up those gold coins in the bottom of your bag royal tandoori - Emma
Step 2: Enjoy the feast!

The highlight on the menu for me is their lamb korma. I hate to sound like a cheap advertisement but the lamb is just melt-in-your-mouth tender. You can pay $25 for more food than Homer Simpson could eat. The service doesn’t come with any bells-or-whistles AKA friendly banter or menu item recommendations, but I’m not there to make friends. At that price, a smile is enough for me!

The food comes out quick and like watching Dirty Dancing for the 42nd time, it never disappoints. Johnny Castle, you are my fictional sole mate. *lusty-sigh*

Looking for cheap and delicious food in a laid back setting? You’re in the right place!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide. 

View:; Visit:  13-23 Unley Rd  Parkside SA 5063; Call: +61 8 8271 7675; Open: Open 7 days from 5.30pm til late, Thursday and Friday – 12pm-3pm, Wallet: $16-$25.

Royal Tandoori

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Royal Tandoori -34.942805, 138.607191
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Rosey’s Cafe (Adelaide)

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A pocket full of posies – By Emma!

On a cold and dreary morning one could think of nothing worse than sitting outside with their eggs and bacon. That is unless of course you have made your way to Rosey’s on Unley Rd. Lucky for all its diehard fans, Rosey’s has a super pleasant courtyard set-up with heaters cranked and lush red blankets slung over the chairs to keep us toasty. Listening to the pitter-patter of the rain fall on the canvas above whilst tucking into a scrumptious meal, now this must have been the Winter Wonderland Billy Gilman was singing about!

I believe that the true test of a breaky place is whether they are able to make the simplest of orders into something special. I went with the Mylor rye bread with avocado and a side of smoked bacon. Row-ho-ho-osey! DAMN GIRL! You know how to make me some super fine smashed av! This was a seriously delish meal with beautifully seasoned and perfectly ripe avo smash accompanied by fresh and crunchy rye bread. The crispy smoked bacon was as smokin’ as Mila Kunis but not quite as likely to look so bangin’ in a tutu.

SO there you have it boys and girls….. Rosey’s is a new favourite and definitely worth hittin’ up for a delicious winters day bite.

View:; Visit: 139 Unley Rd, Unley, SA, 5061; Call: +61 8 8722 50690; Open: Mon – Wed 8am to 4pm, Thu – Sat 8am to 10pm, Sun 9am to 8pm; Wallet: $12-$20.

Rosey's Cafe

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Rosey\'s Cafe -34.948908, 138.607438 View the Rosey\'s Cafe post.


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The dog days are over now – Adelaide

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brown dog - EmmaBrown Dog Cafe – by Emma!

The Brown Dog Cafe on Goody Road is a little but o’ something spesh that is definitely worth checking out. This cafe has an array of scrumptious breakfast and lunch items which exceed the standard cafe bite and keep you coming back for more.

For lunch: wrap your lips around a beautifully made wrap. Although only available Wednesday through Friday, this elusive wrap is worth the wait because it is an utter delight! Crispy pita bread, chicken, lettuce and tasty sun dried tomato mayo. What can I say? I was wrapped!… PUN INTENDED!

The staff appear to always be pleasant and the man who owns the cafe is certainly a character and is successful at keeping things interesting.

This boutique cafe has a funky, rustic feel and a laid back vibe perfect for any casual catch-up with friends. It’s amazing that they can keep up with the customers flocking in for lunch with their matchbox sized kitchen!

If you’re looking for something sweet to finish off, go for the gluten free chocolate cake. I know many-a Brown Dog regulars’ who just won’t stop raving about that chocolaty delight!

All in all, this dog deserves a pat on the back!

View:; Visit: 143 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, SA, 5034; Call: +61 8 8172 1752; Open: Wed-Sun for Breakfast and Lunch; Wallet: $14-$20.

Brown Dog Cafe

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Brown Dog Cafe -34.953046, 138.589879 View the Brown Dog Cafe post


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