Meet Janine, our Tel Aviv-loving, girl from Brissie

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Next up in the Meet the Ushers series is Brisbane Usher Janine:

City you’d live in other than Brisbane? “I’d live in Tel Aviv or more realistically, Sydney.”

Gelateria CremornaGelateria Cremorna

Most bizarre job? “It’s not a bizarre job, but I did a few shifts of soul-destroying telemarketing and still have an immature antipathy towards phones.”

Most recent book? “I just finished reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and I’m mid-way through The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.  Both are completely excellent in as different ways as possible.”

Brisbane must-dos? “The bustling restaurant and entertainment districts are constantly evolving and excelling but it’s the quiet, out of the way gems that really excite me. To this end, check out The Bun Mobile, Gelateria Cremona, Crust and Co and Depo to see the less obvious but equally brilliant things happening in Brisbane.”

Depo decor (1)

Your Ushering style? “You are very likely to find me settled into a quiet corner at any of the places I have written about.”

Go where Janine goes!

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