Australia’s best vegetarian

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Australia is bursting with awesome restaurants where vegetarian dishes dazzle. Here are our Ushers’ picks for Australia’s best places to dine vegetarian, vegan, raw and everything in between:

  • Headline making salads (Sydney) – Originally a food van, the Veggie Patch Diner is their bricks and mortar version and a Sydney local fav!
  • Some like it raw  (Perth) –  Enjoy food like nature intended at Freemantle’s Raw Food Kitchen.
  • Vegan Delight (Melbourne) – Take a pork belly loving, cheese obsessed friend to Smith & Daughters, and don’t mention it is a vegan restaurant. They will be raving about their meal, no beef about it!
  • Superfood and raw (Sydney) Have you ever walked into a restaurant and felt like you were home? Or eaten food that made you feel happy? This is the sensation you get when visiting Earth to Table.
  • Nourish yourself from the inside (Sydney) – Nourishing Quarter in Sydney’s hipster Surry Hills looks like your gran’s living room but serves food so so so much better!
  • Melbourne bohos are onto something (Melbourne) – Raw food, living food, gluten-free, vegan.. you’ll find them all at Fitzroy’s Vegie Bar.
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