Top coffee in Perth

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Perth – I’m not a huge fan of writing about coffee….  In fact I feel a little lame. But let’s face it, most of us enjoy a good brew every day and the reality is, if you’re new to a city it can be hard to find the perfect joint.

I firmly believe Perth is blessed with a good coffee culture; there is a myriad of decent options in the CBD for a caffeine hit… but I thought I’d share my top two.


Number 1: Lowdown.

This favorite amongst the suit and tie set is owned by a couple of vivacious brothers who deliver more than just good coffee… ‘It’s the vibe’ (insert reference to The Castle). A small café pumping out the coffees and loud tunes with some staff who provide a quirky sense of humour. For a bit of fun, pay your bill with a greenback ($100 note) and see the reaction.

Visit: 16a Cloisters Arcade, 885 Hay Street, Perth WA; Call: (08) 9226 3041; Open: 7:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday; Wallet: Good value – $3.50 coffees; Tip: Keep an eye out for ‘Rain man’… he has an amazing ability to deliver the right coffee to the right person without knowing your name.  Map below.


Number 2: La Veen

Located in an old heritage building at the northern end of King Street, this relative newcomer embraces the hipster vibe and delivers a seriously good cuppa. What I like here is their dedication to the bean. They keep a variety of blends depending on the coffee you order and specialize in cold drip and filtered coffees. A long black is recommended which is served with a side glass of sparkling water – Nice!

Visit: 90 King St, Perth WA; Call: (08) 9321 1188; Open: 7:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday; Wallet: Average. Map below. 


So that’s my update on coffee in the Perth CBD. I may never write about coffee again….




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Lowdown -31.950594, 115.847761
La Veen Coffee and Kitchen

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La Veen Coffee and Kitchen -31.950662, 115.855831




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