Wandering Elephant (Brisbane)

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Wandering Elephant tacos (2)Slow cooked food delivered fast – by Bec!

Like a herd of elephants, these food trucks keep stomping through our streets. One by one they come, giving us hungry workers the ultimate of choices. Similar to the other vans, it’s social media where you’ll get the daily heads up on their current stomping ground and it’s usually the inner city where they’ll pull up for feeding hour. 

The cuisine specialty for this little gem is broadly, South-East Asian, with a rotating menu of different options. Last time I wandered by I Wandering Elephant truck close up (2)gorged into a rich creamy Rendang beef curry with cooling pineapple chunks. The beef was thick yet tender, obviously coming straight from a slow cooking crock pot. And there was plenty – definitely more than enough to fill this hungry hippo! My best mate tucked into Asian styled tacos, which were deep fried pieces of chook with cucumber and red onion and a splash of sweet chilli. Serves are generous making the $10 mid-week lunch out acceptable. So tune into your Twitter, Insta or Facey feed for an alert on their next visit local to you.

View: www.wanderingelephant.com.au ; Facebook: Wandering Elephant; Twitter@wanderelephant; Instagram: wandering_elephant; Contact: 0401 071 407; Visit: Roving van, check social media for updates but usual suburbs include Bowen Hills, Newstead, Albion & Eagle Farm; Wallet: Rendang $10; Asian Tacos 2 for $10.

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